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St. John's is a SMALL School!

Yes, we are Small... but we are Small in All The Ways That Matter

We aim to provide Educational Excellence in a Small School Setting; in fact, it's our specialty! Quality over Quantity is our Strong Suit. Every student is a person in our school, and we take the time to see and then develop the gifts and talents of each of our Students in our Small School Atmosphere, to prepare them for high school and beyond. For life!

...Small Class Sizes for better, more individual instruction, tailored to your child's needs and best learning environment, to develop their strengths and help them understand how to get through their challenges!

...Small School that cultivates a School Family atmosphere, with every student looking out for one another.

...Small Classrooms that feel more home-like - even some with Flexible Seating options - built to encourage a learning environment that feels comfortable and welcoming, to overlap and mirror the most important learning that happens at home! 

...Small School that inspires one another with ever-open access to conversational discussions, with no boundaries to imagination, ideas for service, improvements, personal growth and healthy facilitation for disagreements.

...Small School alternative with High Standards... that means we have the ability, flexibility and freedom to do things a little differently around here - teaching our students to LOVE learning in a way that simultaneously helps them take responsibility for their actions and see how their character traits affect one another in a family-like setting, in a naturally developing way.

...Small Classes that can provide excellence in Academics, but in the context of life - how subjects are interwoven in the "real world", and how Leaders are made; concentrating on each student to help bring out their own personal potential.

...Small School that can take on projects like our School Garden, to help teach and feed our own students in lunch, but still have an abundance to enable us to help the less fortunate in our area!

...Small School that can set curriculum based on not just Academics, but also Character - our Kindness Cornerstone Curriculum is our way of protecting and nurturing the kind core of each child that walks through our doors - to keep them growing in the mindset that everyone in our school is family and is deserving of respect and kindness, and to expect the same! Each student is expected to practice kindness in interactions, but also given tools to become more emotionally resilient at the same time. This helps each student understand different perspectives and be able to shift theirs when necessary, to empathize, but also trust that their feelings are important to others as well. A kind graduate of SJS can go on to inspire others to think how their actions will affect the world, and have more resilience to less than kind treatment when encountered.   

...Small Class Sizes to develop the Whole Student! We concentrate on all the areas that make a well-rounded student for life; Academic, Physical, Emotional, Social, Moral and Spiritual.

...Small in all the ways that matter - personalized instruction, seeing the Person in the Student, helping to develop the Whole Student, Kindness Cornerstone Curriculum, School Family, Flexible Seating in Home-Like Classrooms - so many ways we are able to be different - a wonderfully small alternative to learning that helps your child excel in so may ways!