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Welcome! We are... St. John's School - Where Small Can Make a BIG Difference!

Thank you for visiting to learn more about our School and the ways you can help us continue our mission to provide a quality, Catholic Education to Eastern Erie County (and the surrounding areas). We love that we are able to do things a little differently here, and the positive benefits stand the test of time... our Students not only consistently graduate in the top tier academically (which is fantastic news!), but most importantly, they become well-rounded, kind young adults who are eager to continue learning in life and ready to make the world a better place! We are so proud of all our Alumni, stretching back to 1853... what a rich history we have here! 

Yes, we are a Small School... but we are Small in All The Ways That Matter

We aim to provide Educational Excellence in a Small School Setting; in fact, it's our specialty! Quality over Quantity is our Strong Suit. Every student is a person in our school, and we take the time to see and develop the gifts and talents of each of our Students in our Small School Atmosphere, to prepare them for high school and beyond. For life!

...Small Class Sizes for better, more individual instruction, tailored to your child's needs and best learning environment, to develop their strengths and help them understand how to get through their challenges!

...a Small School that cultivates a School Family atmosphere, with every student looking out for one another. So many good things come from years of learning to take care of each other as a Family - not just because we HAVE to, but because we WANT to - to make the world a better place - and knowing that it starts with us.

...Small Classrooms that feel more home-like - even some with Flexible Seating options - built to encourage a learning environment that feels comfortable and welcoming, to overlap and mirror the most important learning that happens at home! 

...a Small School that inspires one another with open access to conversational discussions, with no boundaries to imagination, ideas for service, improvements, personal growth and healthy facilitation for disagreements.

...a Small School alternative with High Standards... that means that, even though we follow NYS Standards,  we have the ability, flexibility and freedom within that framework to do things a little differently around here - teaching our students to LOVE learning in a way that simultaneously helps them take responsibility for their actions and see how their character traits affect one another in a family-like setting, in a naturally developing way. That might also mean taking class outside, or on an educational field trip, having guest speakers... or shaking the routine up in their room to experience a culture in a way that a book just can't fully teach!

...Small Classes that can provide excellence in Academics, but in the context of life - how subjects are interwoven in the "real world", and how gentle and effective Leaders are made; concentrating on each student to help bring out their own personal potential.

...a Small School that can set curriculum based on not just Academics, but also Character - our Kindness Cornerstone Curriculum is our way of protecting and nurturing the kind core of each child that walks through our doors - to keep them growing in the mindset that everyone in our school is family and is deserving of respect and kindness, and to expect the same! Each student is expected to practice kindness in interactions, but also given tools to become more emotionally resilient at the same time. This helps each student understand different perspectives and be able to shift theirs when necessary, to empathize, but also trust that their feelings are important to others as well. A kind graduate of SJS can go on to inspire others to think how their actions will affect the world as a ripple that starts with them, but also have more resilience to less-than-kind treatment when encountered. 

...Small Class Sizes to develop the Whole Student! We concentrate on all the areas that make a well-rounded student for life; Academic, Physical, Emotional, Social, Moral and Spiritual. Our Students leave with a balanced character - Teachers in High Schools our Students have gone on to have been known to say many times over that they can recognize our Students immediately; by their presence, poise, happiness and readiness to learn! 

Our School is a wonderful life opportunity for the Students who attend... we're a little more laid back, we have some alternative ways of learning, we feel like a family learning together, and the classrooms and halls are filled with a warmth you don't typically find in every learning environment. We strive to make learning fun, so that our Students "learn to love learning" for a lifetime. We are a wonderfully small alternative to learning that helps your child excel in so may ways!

Are you looking for a way to help a Child or a Family to experience the gift of Catholic Education? Here are a few ways to support our School:

  • "Sponsor a Student!" Consider a monthly gift to help a Family, who in other cases, may not be able to make the choice of a Catholic School. Please contact our Principal to discuss the options available!
  • Establishing a Scholarship Endowment Fund (Perhaps in memory or honor of a beloved Family Member, to be given to a specific Student of your choosing who displays the qualities you cherished in your loved one). This can be any amount, to help defray the tuition cost to one or more Students, or fully cover the tuition cost for one Student. Please give our Principal a call to start this incredibly beneficial conversation!
  • Financial Gift - There are always many evolving needs in a School, especially as technology is changing and older areas of the School need updating. Is there an area in education that you feel particularly called to give toward? Are there any subjects, lessons, aesthetics or technologies that you feel strongly toward improving or integrating at St. John's? Perhaps you are an Alumni who always wanted to see a specific change in an area of our School and would love to be a part of that change or upgrade? We would love to speak with you about any ideas you have for improvement and how we can incorporate them for the benefit of our Students and Teachers on Campus! 
  • "Friends of St. John's" Fund Donation - This is an annual appeal in June, but it never really ends. :) We graciously accept donations all throughout the year, as a way to help any Family at St. John's with assistance as needed, large or small! If you are looking for a small, but impactful way to help - this is it! Any size donation helps us continue our rich tradition in Whole Student Education, and helps us continue to be blessed with incredible Students who thrive here, and grow into wonderfully charismatic young adults. YOU make the difference to each and every one of our Students and allow us all to continue doing our most important work for the world of tomorrow!

Our School Board and Principal try so very hard to keep Tuition costs very affordable for our region and we think the value is outstanding! That said, our Tuition rates do not fully cover the amount needed to educate a Student here at St. John's. Our fantastically involved HSA (PTO) aims to cover a portion of the extra in cost in fundraising events through the year, but we still need to explore other options annually. This is, in part, what the the options above help with, but you also help to make the dream of a Catholic Education real to some Families who might have thought it just outside their reach... this is powerful! YOU are helping to make that dream a reality - and we can't thank you enough for your generosity!

If any of the above options appeal to you, and if you feel called to give in any avenue that you are able, please contact our Principal, Jonna Johnson at (716) 937-9483, to discuss the options available. If you would like to mail a donation, please feel free to do so at any time, and if you'd like, please mention how you would like your donation to be utilized! No matter what, you are a "Friend of St. John's", and we will remember you in our prayers... every graduating class will have you to thank for their journey here at our School!

St. John the Baptist School
2028 Sandridge Rd
Alden, NY 14004