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2018 Parish Lawn Fete

The 2018 Lawn Fete is scheduled for the weekend of July 20-22nd. SO much help is needed to pull off this large scale event! Whether you are part of the school or the parish - or both! - please check back often to find out ways you can offer needed assistance to make this weekend a financial success. This is our parish's BIGGEST fundraiser every year, and our school benefits in a big way as well, because of our generous, supportive parish. 

Every year, we have many hard working volunteers coordinate this event, but it hasn't been enough! We need more help, and as a school family, we'd like to step up and help to make things run a little easier for all those involved.

Kids' Tent

The Committee is asking for our school's help in a specific way this year, asking us to coordinate and run the Kids' Tent. This tent will feature games, fun and prizes for all the kids in attendance, and it is a beloved attraction of the Lawn Fete each year.

Please see below for ways to help the Kids' Tent, including links to the online Sign Up Genius Form for volunteer tasks and times! Even if you cannot make it to help during the weekend, there is much preparation that can be done beforehand, so please check the form and this page for information regarding the items and spots needed. Many hands make light work, and it is our goal this year to find as many parents to help with this endeavor so that no one parent feels overwhelmed.

Please email our Lawn Fete School Parent Coordinators, Cathie McAuleyJennifer Boucher, or Melissa Burger (HSA President), the School Office, our Principal, Jonna Johnson, or our Pastoral Administrator, Debbie Brown, to ask any questions or offer general help! You may also call the Head Lawn Fete Coordinator, Mary Nuwer at (716) 937-7888, the School Office at (716) 937-9483 or the Rectory at (716) 937-6959. More specific information on needs will be posted here as soon as we get them.

Online Sign-Up Genius Form for Kid's Tent and for Entire Lawn Fete

Other Specific & Small Ways You Can Help

Online Sign-Up Genius Form for Entire Lawn Fete (FASTEST and BEST way to sign up for the Lawn Fete!)
Paper Flyer of Needed Area Coverage (please call Mary Nuwer at 716-937-7888 to sign-up!)

Pull Tab Tent Booths

This tent has many prizes sorted into in different booths, and patrons can buy "pull tabs" to scratch off to reveal which prizes they have won from any of the booths. Booths include Grocery, Lottery, Plants, Holiday, Fun in the Sun and Household Items!

Help Needed:
Workers are needed for booths under this tent. Please sign up on our Sign-Up Genius Volunteer Page! (Under Pull Tabs/Pull Tab Booth)

Specific needs for the Grocery Booth

We are asking Parishioners/School Parents to donate non-perishable grocery items (see flyer below). A box marked "Lawn Fete Grocery Booth" will be available in the back of the church. Feel free to bring items all at once or by the week! (Flyer of needed grocery items, a different theme every week from now until July 6th)

Pie Bakers

Beforehand: Any kind of fruit pies are needed for our chicken BBQ on Sunday, July 22nd. Pies will be sliced and given with each dinner sold. 100+ pies are needed every year! Would you bake one? Any amount of pies are graciously accepted! Please call Helen at (716) 937-7734 if you'd like to offer to bake a pie or many!
Pie Count: We are now at 90 pies needed!

Weekend Of: Please drop off pies to BBQ tent by 9am. Thank you for sharing your resources and talent!

Car Show

Donations for winning prizes and swag bags are still being accepted! Please contact Carla Tobin at (716) 901-4412 for details on this - to help in soliciting donations, or if you are a business that would like to donate car-related products with your logo, or a person who'd like to help by donating items needed.

Weekend Of: Please visit the Sign-Up Genius link to add your name in a "Car Show" spot to help with this event on Friday night! There are 2 shifts, 3:00-5:30pm and 5:30-8:30pm, with 4 people needed for each time slot. Help is needed with many tasks; some include the selling of 50/50 tickets and welcoming car owners at the Registration Tent - this is always a fun event to be a part of! 

Vera Bradley Bingo (Attendee Info Flyer)

Please visit the Sign-Up Genius link to sign up for this game!

Theme Tray Basket Auction (New this year: a Silent Auction!)

If you can provide a basket valued at $25 or more, a monetary donation, a gift card, any new merchandise OR if you have collectibles for the silent auction, please call Shirley (716-937-6191) or Kim (716-446-3381).

Chowder Sale

Beforehand: Helpers get together to "debone" the chicken and beef at 5am on the Saturday of - this takes about 2 hours and always needs more help! Please contact Pam Turton at (716) 937-9577 for more information! (You can sign up for this on the Sign-Up Genius Link under Chowder Prep)

Weekend Of: Overnight Stirring and Serving (sign up for Food Tent) help is needed - overnight stirring is not on the link yet, so please contact Pam Turton at the number above if you can help!

Chicken Barbecue


Weekend Of: