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Friends of St. John's Fund

The Friends of St. John's Fund is a tuition assistance fund managed by the Principal and Pastoral Administrator. The Friends of St. John's Fund receives donations throughout the year, but also holds a month-long campaign in St. John's Church during the month of June. Assistance from this fund is given to those with short-term financial difficulties as well as those who require aid throughout the year. 

Any questions about this fund can be directed to: 
Principal Jonna Johnson (716-937-9483) 
Pastoral Administrator, Deborah Brown (716-937-6959) 

Please print out and complete the form (linked above and below) and mail donation to:

The Friends of St. John's
c/o St. John's Church
2021 Sandridge Road
Alden, NY  14004

Thank you for your support! (Click on image for more information and a printable 2nd page form!)