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School Clubs


In addition to a sound academic curriculum, St. John the Baptist School provides a wide range of enriching student activities. Please visit our Band and Sports pages for information on even more fun options!


Art Club

This club meets weekly on Wednesdays after school until 2:45pm under the direction of our Art Teacher. Signup forms for each grade level will be posted here:

Current Club: 

Newspaper Club

Students in grades 6-8 are invited to participate in the School Newspaper Club, which produces the monthly Panther Press! Our 6th Grade Teacher oversees this club with the Middle School students who meet twice monthly, on Tuesdays. "Some of the columns we include in our newspaper are: important student council information, middle school advice, sports updates, teacher and student interviews, fun page/crafts, movie reviews, food/cooking, animal of the week, STREAM updates, and a short story. The students take turns with which column they want to run for whatever week we are releasing a newspaper. Our club is very student guided with little help from the teacher. Once students finish writing their article, they are free to help other students with any editing and revisions they may need. All of the articles are shared with the teacher and they set up on a Google Doc to convert into our Newspaper!" This club requires students to use writing skills, teamwork, patience, delegating, collaboration, and commitment. The club is a great way to express creativity, create new friendships, and work on writing skills. Ultimately this helps the students grow into lifelong learners, providing them with an experience they will remember and be able to use for many years to come!

Panther Press Edition Page (editions coming soon!)  

Service Club

The Service Club is open to all students in grades 6-8. We meet ever 2 weeks after school from 2-3pm with 8th Grade Teacher, Mrs. Pautler. We help with various projects throughout the school year. In the past, students have helped with Soup Suppers, the Thanksgiving Food Drive, worked with the students at the school's after-school program, and made Valentine's Day cards for veterans. Families can learn about upcoming projects/events from the weekly "Panther Pulse" Email Newsletter, our School Facebook Page and the Service Club board in the 7th grade homeroom.

Yearbook Club

Students meet to create our Yearbook!

"Children of Life" Club

A pro-life club for Students in 5th-8th Grade which is moderated by our 1st Grade Teacher, Mrs. Wilson. Students participate and lead fun Pro-Life activities, arts and crafts, service projects, educational movie nights and guest speakers. 

Choirs (Permission Slip)

Youth Choir – Open to singers in grades 2-5. This group will lead liturgy by singing. While learning the music for Mass, we will work on vocal production and technique. If your child has a desire to sing, work with others in leading worship, and sharpen their vocal skills, this group is perfect for them!

Contemporary Group – Open to singers and instrumentalists in grades 5-8. This group will lead liturgy by singing and accompanying the music for Mass. While learning the music for Mass, we will work on vocal production and technique and contemporary ensemble technique.  Any student looking for a leadership opportunity in music ministry that sings or plays an instrument is encouraged to join!

Rehearsals will take place on Wednesdays from 2 pm – 3 pm - the practice schedule will be posted here for meeting dates. 

Garden Club (Flyer and Permission Slip)

Run by 5th Grade Teacher, Ms. Genco, this club is open to 3rd-8th Grades. It starts in March, and happens weekly on Thursdays; we start by planning which vegetables and herbs we will grow, then, we start the seedlings and transplant when warm enough. The club continues until the end of the year, and then restarts again in September to harvest and eventually clean up the beds for winter - usually in late October/early November, depending on the weather. 

Youth Nights

Sponsored by the Parish Youth Group, all SJS 6th - 8th grade students are welcome to join us at the Parish's Friday Youth Nights from 6-9pm in the school gym. See flyer by clicking on upcoming dates below!

Upcoming Youth Nights: