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Panther Press Student Newspaper


Our Panther Press Student Newspaper is written
by Students in the School's Newspaper Club!

Students in grades 6-8 are invited to participate in the School Newspaper Club, which produces the monthly Panther Press! Mrs. Jasinowski oversees this club with the Middle School students who meet twice monthly, on Tuesdays (sometimes during lunch if there is extra time!).

"Some of the columns we include in our newspaper are: important student council information, middle school advice, sports updates, teacher and student interviews, fun page/crafts, movie reviews, food/cooking, animal of the week, STREAM updates, and a short story. The students take turns with which column they want to run for whatever week we are releasing a newspaper. Our club is very student guided with little help from the teacher.

Once students finish writing their article, they are free to help other students with any editing and revisions they may need. All of the articles are shared with the teacher and they set up on a Google Doc to convert into our Newspaper!" 

This club requires students to use writing skills, teamwork, patience, delegating, collaboration, and commitment. The club is a great way to express creativity, create new friendships, and work on writing skills. Ultimately this helps the students grow into lifelong learners, providing them with an experience they will remember and be able to use for many years to come!

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