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STREAM Academies




Our 2018-19 STREAM Academies and Integrated Projects:




 STREAM Sprouts


 Fab Fashion


 Lights! Camera! Action!

    Invention Convention


    Ignite the Power of Art

 Arcade Academy

    Game On!





Our 2018 STREAM Event - Exhibition Night was held on May 3rd at St. John's! All who participated were excited and impressed with how integrated the STREAM Academies are in our Students' curriculum!


Below are Highlights from the 2017-18 School Year!


On December 3rd, 2017, St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute hosted the 2017 X-STREAM Games, which featured STREAM program highlights from Catholic schools around WNY. Many of our Academies were represented; our Preschool STREAM Sprouts, the Kindergarten "Lego U" Showcase, the Middle School Kitchen Chem Challenge and the 8th Grade Robotics Competition! Some of our 4th and 5th Graders also entered their STREAM designs for windmill efficiency and received 2nd place! Overall, it was a fun and educational display for all that encouraged and inspired each school to go back to their school and dig in even deeper! 

(our 4th and 5th Grade Team!)

(Our 2nd and 1st Grade Teachers and STREAM Coordinators, Ms. Waziak and Mrs. Baker at the X-STREAM GAMES)

(Some of our 8th Graders preparing for the Robotics Competition!)




School Garden Initiative (The "Rock" Garden) (4th and 5th Grade)

Our 3rd, 4th and 5th Graders are leading the way for this Parish and School Connected Project! Many excited parents are helping Ms. Genco guide this exciting opportunity for the school, community and parish to learn so much from. Named in honor of the Rock Retreat Team that used the Convent building that was located on the school grounds until 2007, the entire school will get a chance to work and learn in this garden, as it will be incorporated into everyone's STREAM curriculum. That way, the whole school will be able to leave their mark, work together and see what grows from all of their hard work together - designing, preparing, planting, nurturing and harvesting! The garden will be implemented by the school students and teachers, parent, parish and community volunteers - and then become a shared responsibility/benefit to the parish/school families over the summer. In the fall, returning students will be able to harvest the last of the garden's bounty to be used in school lunches and service endeavors! We've even partnered with the Alden High School Technology Department, which has generously made and donated a composter that is  already in use to help our garden be the best it can be. We are all so excited to see this come to fruition! 








4th/5th grades are currently experiencing the 1st Garden Academy, but this garden is a school-wide initiative. For now, a connected School Garden Club for 3rd-8th Graders runs on Thursdays from 2-3. Please see Ms. Genco if you'd like to join us!

Update: We've installed most of the raised garden beds on the school grounds North of the building. Next step is soil delivery and we're still outsourcing for a few donations - 1x8s for seats around each bed, fencing, landscape fabric, flats of veggie plants, perennial flowers. If you have a business that we could speak to about receiving a small donation or a price break, please call the office and ask to speak with Ms. Stephanie Genco. Thank you!

**(If you are interested in helping us with our garden full of vegetables, fruits and flowers - please contact the school for more information - we are still looking for supplies for our raised beds and volunteers ranging from someone that might be interested in coming in to teach a small segment or would even just like to work in the garden over the summer - many hands make light work!)  

 Parish Bulletin Donation Letter     Business Donation Letter     Sponsor Donation Letter (Coming Soon!)






STREAM Sprouts (Pre-K 4)

Sprouts use picture books to encourage them to explore their world! This unit kicks off with a story to engage students in measurement and coding activities.


"Lego U" (Kindergarten)

Each week, students undertake a design challenge connected to topics in all of their content areas. They turn their LEGO bricks into numbers, words and models that can be touched, described and innovated across all subject areas!

(Some of our wonderful Kindergarten lantern project creations!)


PEAP (1st and 2nd Grade)


This academy adapts the engineering design process to meet the needs of our favorite fairy tale characters. These familiar and timeless stories encourage students to begin problem solving, generate design proposals, collaborate and make connections to the enchantment of engineering!


Arcade Academy (3rd Grade)

This course invites students to design & build fun, engaging arcade games made from cardboard, recycled materials & imagination!

(The hard [though fun!] work our 3rd graders put into their games... and their imaginative creations!)




Alternative NRG (4th and 5th Grade)

Students learn the ins & outs of solar power generation and solar panels. They also explore wind power and turbines, discussing how energy is generated from wind. Field trips to learn about innovative & sustainable/renewable energy resources will be explored!

(4th/5th Grade Field Trip to the BNMC Innovation Center, where we learned about some of their many alternative energy/sustainable initiatives. They are using solar and wind energy to make their building and other lots self-sustainable [and help the surrounding community], they are helping their employees "go green" by providing access to charging stations to encourage electric/hybrid vehicle use and their conservation efforts, such as incorporating a natural stormwater bioswale to manage the extra water more efficiently, were very interesting and thought-provoking!)


Kitchen Chem Academies (Middle School - Fall) (1st/2nd Grade - Spring)


Students learn about food preparation, origins of food, healthy food choices and how to achieve accurate measurements for a recipe. This is a fun, hands-on way to introduce students to life skills!

(1st and 2nd Grades enjoying the product of learning to make ice cream!)


Astronomy Academy (Middle School)


In Astronomy STREAM, we are traveling way beyond our planet Earth! Our Middle-Schoolers have learned about the planets in our solar system, the moon, and the sun! We have modeled just how far away each of these celestial bodies really are from each other. We’ve also enjoyed watching videos of real astronauts doing space walks and discussing what it’s like to live on the International Space Station. Our current project involves making balloon rockets. We will finish the session with our bottle rocket launch finale!


(Building Bottle Rockets!)



Robotics (Middle School)


A Robotics design course which offers students an exciting platform for learning about rich career opportunities spanning science, technology, engineering and math! 

(Students working on the design and build, then testing the program created and loaded)

(Our 8th Grade teacher, Mrs. Pautler, and 8th Grade students demonstrating our robots at the X-STREAM Games.)



Game On! (Middle School)


Students learn critical thinking skills, problem solving and even explore video game careers! They familiarize themselves with proper terminology for 21st century tech careers.


Ignite the Power of Art! (Middle School)

Students explore and study the positive messages conveyed through art and music in our culture and zero-in on having a powerful voice of social justice in their own art work!

(Working so hard on their social justice visual voices!)


Rockin' Roller Coasters (Middle School)

Students research the history of roller coasters, the physics that they employ, test run computer generated coasters and design their own marble roller coaster that will work!

(Testing the engineering concepts needed to build a roller coaster - and perfecting their designs!)