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Room Parents

Each classroom needs a team of parents to work together to share in the joy of the “little things” – to help them to be fun and meaningful and run smoothly. Every hour you spend in the school doing work as a room parent counts toward your volunteer hours! We also need one parent to volunteer as the Head Room Parent for each classroom. This parent has special responsibilities and schedule necessities, but signing up for this will help you earn all of your minimum 30 hours of volunteer time. Please remember that a VIRTUS certification and training module needs to be completed to volunteer with the students!

What exactly IS a Room Parent? We’re glad you asked! This is a great way to stay involved with your child’s specific classroom events. Room parents are a group of parents that offer to help with all the various classroom celebrations, events (like Pre-K Graduation!), and other ways each class helps the school.

Room Parents are a group of parents who can be available during the day to participate in or coordinate classroom activities as desired and scheduled by the teacher. You may be asked to bake, supply snacks, help with crafts and games, prepare gift baskets for St. Nick’s Night and for the Alumni Theme Tray Auction, or monitor/supervise the children as needed (as in, a lunch needed to be eaten in the classroom that day). The more parents involved, the larger the pool of helpers we have to share the fun!

The Head Room Parent is the primary communication point between the teacher, the principal and the classroom parents. You will be asked to coordinate and schedule activities and celebrations with the teacher and ensure that all room parents have an equal opportunity to participate. This may involve delegating parents to help in organizing a craft or snacks for a party, securing someone to supervise during a lunch in the classroom, and preparing the gift baskets needed for the 2 functions we contribute toward. You will also be responsible for keeping track of the funds collected at the beginning of the year that are used for these expenses and communicating this to the classroom parents in a short, itemized list. This person will also be called on to contact all the families of their classroom to solicit volunteers for particular events. From year to year, Head Room Parents need to be rotated so that all interested persons may have a turn! Co-chairing is not recommended for this position. Please do not volunteer for this position for more than one classroom (more than one child in the school) in a single school year! 

Room Parent Information (Including information about the $20 for Classroom Funds) 

2018-19 - Would you be interested in being our school's Room Parent Coordinator for the upcoming year? Please Contact Melissa Burger, the HSA President for information!