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Reading Resources

Reading Is Fun!

For so many beneficial reasons, we highly encourage reading! Reading over the Summer helps to prevent the notorious "Summer Slide", but it's also a relaxing activity that can strengthen vocabulary and perceptual skills. It's a fun way to go on an adventure, spend some quality time together and keep your hard-earned skills all at the same time! 

Have a child that doesn't love to read? Try adding in some Graphic Novels (or hybrids) for all ages, like the Amulet Series, Jedi Academy, Dork Diaries, Diary of A Wimpy Kid or Geronimo (or Thea!) Stilton to your reading pile! Younger kids enjoy the combination of visuals within the story, and it can lead to wanting to discover more.

More ideas? Find what genre your reader likes and look for books at your local library, borrowing in person or through their online e-book platform! Even taking turns to read together can help make it fun and encouraging when it's tied to a loving family activity. See Principal Johnson's Letter below (presented last summer) for even more great suggestions!

Reading At Home Tips

Our Family Reading Night "Reading Activity Teacher Committee" came up with this awesome resource of tips on how to encourage more reading at home - with unique angles you might not have thought of! Ways to help set up a cozy reading nook at home, finding ways to help them read by NOT using a book!, and even fun ways to help them see reading in a new and fun perspective. Have a fun reading memory from your own childhood? Try recreating it for your children to enjoy together and explain to them all the reasons why it's a great memory for you! In the summer, reading can be enjoyed outside on a nice day; under a tree in the warm summer breeze, on a blanket with a picnic, in the car driving to your vacation destination - or inside next to a window on a cozy, rainy day! In the winter, reading is often associated with family fun and coziness, so try making it a weekend afternoon activity - make some hot chocolate or popcorn, grab your favorite blanket and snuggle on the couch reading together, and maybe even light a candle or sit next to a crackling fire. Sometimes, the positive atmosphere associations and family connections your child will make with reading will make all the difference in wanting to continue!







Other Resources to Help Encourage Reading:

Buffalo & Erie County Library Resources:

Suggested Summer Reading Lists for the 2019/20 School Year

Pre-K 3 
Pre-K 4
1st Grade
2nd Grade (2nd Grade: Suggested Summer Reading List - Page 2)
3rd Grade
4th Grade
5th Grade

Required Summer Reading List for the 2019/20 School Year*

6th Grade
7th Grade
8th Grade
*(Middle School needs to pick ONE book from the list and write a summary)


Family Reading Night

On October 11, 2018, our School held our very first Family Reading Night! It was a wonderful evening devoted to fun activities that celebrate reading! Students were given a punch card and asked to visit 3 of 8 stations that different Teachers had created for their enjoyment. Our Scholastic Book Fair was happening that night, but there were also places to learn how to create a digital book, hear and learn how to do read alouds, make neat bookmarks to take home and even learn tips on how to create your own cool reading spot at home. In between stations and snacks, families could purchase books at the Book Fair for themselves or their teachers... and once Students were done with their full punch cards, they could hand them in to Principal Johnson for a chance to win a $25 and a $5 Book Fair gift certificate! It was a fun first year to Celebrate Reading!




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