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St. John the Baptist Alden Principal Jonna Johnson

Hi! I'm Principal Jonna Johnson.

Welcome to St. John the Baptist School! My name is Mrs. Jonna Johnson and I am the Principal of this amazing Catholic Elementary School. Prior to becoming Principal in 2017, I was a 5th Grade teacher at St. Joseph University School. My love of Catholic Education is what prompted me to return to school and complete my Master's in Education Administration from Canisus College. There is no other place, besides a Catholic School, were one can both teach and preach the loving message of our God.

When I am not at St. John's School, I enjoy traveling with my family, reading, eating at local restaurants, cooking, and exploring all that Buffalo has to offer.  My husband, Steve and my two children can make every day an adventure. I am blessed to have them, and treasure ever moment we spend together, which with busy schedules, often means movies and popcorn at home. We firmly believe it doesn't matter what you do, it is who you are with. This may be one of the reasons that St. John's School feels so much like a home. I enjoy my students and families. They look out for each other, they take care of one another, and they push each other to be the best versions of themselves. Together, with a dedicated and talented staff, it is difficult to find a better Catholic School. 

As you are scrolling through our website, I encourage you to check out each section and learn a little more about the school and what we do here. We offer several Open House dates and Shadow opportunities for you and your family to visit the school and experience how our small school can make a big difference in your child's life.

Many Blessings,
Mrs. Johnson

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Below, you will find my bi-weekly Principal Newsletters and the link to monthly articles that I write for the St. John's Parish Bulletin, to help keep our Parish Family up to date on what's happening here at School.

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