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HSA = Home School Association

HSA stands for Home School Association - Everyone at Home and School working together for the School to flourish and grow... a passionate, caring team of Parents, Teachers, Principal and Students!

At St. John the Baptist School, we strive to create a Christ-centered atmosphere where teachers, students and staff can do their best. The HSA is such an integral part of that goal! The Home School Association would like to extend a warm welcome to all of our families - you are automatically a part of the HSA when you have a child enrolled at our school! 

Your time is a priceless gift that all St. John the Baptist School families can give to help make our school the best it can be! Below is a link to the volunteer packet for you to review.  Each packet sent home included a volunteer contract, events/activity sheet, volunteer hour record sheet, chairperson’s reference list, and a brief description of each event that you may choose to volunteer for.

We ask that each family contribute to St. John the Baptist School by fulfilling a minimum 30 hour volunteer commitment. (10 hours for Pre-K).

Reminder: for each HSA meeting you attend in person, you will receive one volunteer hour towards your minimum goal. All are welcome & encouraged to attend our monthly board meetings and our 2 yearly general meetings.

Many hands make light work! We need all of us to make our Fundraisers and Events a success and to continue the growth of our school. There is so much we can do together for the future of our students! 

Each Event is Listed in Detail Here!

For more information please call the School Office, or feel free to email any of us below! 

2018-2019 HSA Board 

  • Melissa & Jeff Burger - President Couple - Email (Right Click to Copy Email Address)  
  • Cathie & Bob McAuley - Vice President Couple - Email 
  • Amy & Mike Fontaine - Treasurer Couple - Email
  • Nicole & Eriq Woods - Secretary Couple - Email