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September - Candy Bar Sale – Every family is asked to sell at least one box of candy bars – but can sell as many as they can/want to after that! Tabatha Hartz and Amanda Zielinski co-chair this fundraiser, and have set up options to sell after masses at church or at various banks in the area.

October - Coupon Book Sale – NEW this year! Each family is asked to sell 3 books, and if you sell 5, you get one free! Denise Beal is chairing this event and it will start on October 16th. We will have opportunities to sell after masses as well. Father/Son Gathering – Patrick Bartram chairs this fun event for Dads and kids to bond over manly activities like nerf wars, martial arts movies and sometimes a BBQ! He changes it up and it’s always fun. You can contact him if you’d like to co-chair (any manly ideas to share?!) – or help with this event in some way.

November - Wine and Cheese Gathering – One of the most fun adult only events of the school year. Maria LaVarnway and Michelle Zaleski do an amazing job of organizing this event that is fun for volunteers an attendees alike. They have wine and food pairings/tastings and a huge basket raffle that attracts a lot of attendees. They always need a lot of help with servers, tickets, basket solicitation and more. A fun event!

December - Secret Santa Shop – Heather Taylor and Michelle Zaleski coordinate and shop for this event – they do an incredible job finding all sorts of things for our kids to buy for their families. This day, so much help is needed in setting up, helping all of the kids do their shopping, wrapping their purchases to keep them secret and then cleaning up. So much goes into this cute event, and so they need lots of help! St. Nick’s Night – This year, the officers have voted to split this huge event up into committees with separate chairpeople to spread out the massive amount of help needed to make it a success. Tickets and ticket sales, Volunteers, Food, Marketing, Games, Decorations and Basket Raffle. We have some chairpeople, but we need lots of committee volunteers! This event was changed last year to make it more affordable and fun, and this year voted to keep the same format. This event is a fun and magical way to celebrate with your family as the Christmas season starts! So much fun to be a part of. Teacher Appreciation Luncheon – Angela Behrend chairs this awesome event to show our appreciation to those who go out of their way to help our kids every single day. It’s a thank you that also says Merry Christmas, and she does an incredible job making them all feel special. She holds a top-notch lunch that feels like a fancy dinner, and lots of help is needed to help her execute her amazing vision. It’s a satisfying way to volunteer to show our teachers some love.

January - Mother Daughter Night – Cathie McAuley heads up this special night for Moms and Daughters to relax and enjoy being with each other. She always makes sure to include many activities that help connect them in a fun and sweet way with activities like cute crafts, making spa stuff and playing games to get to know each other better. Contact her if you’d like to help with this adorable event! Pee Wee Open House – Sara Furr is our new Chairperson for this marketing-type event – helping interested pre-preK families decide if St. John’s is right for them! Committee members will work to host this event and put our best foot forward!

February - Father Daughter Dance – A beloved event that has become a staple of our school events! A magical night where Dad and Daughters make special memories eating dinner, taking cute pictures, and dance-offs, of course! Denise Beal and Katleen Dethier knock this event out of the park but also need lots of help with all that goes into making this night one to remember. Let them know if you want to help them do that!

 March - Mother Son Adventure Night – Auguste Pautler was the Chairperson for this relatively new way to help Moms and their sons have an adventure together! She envisioned a summer campout inside – and that’s what happens. They play all sorts of games by the “campfire”, have snacks and then campout in tents in the cafeteria! Such a fun way to bond with your little (or Big!) guy and to have all the boys interact too. Let her know if you’d be interested in co or full chairing this event! Meat Raffle – One of the biggest fundraisers of the year, tickets are sold for a raffle that will net the winners more pounds of meat than they can imagine! We ask that each family try to sell 10 tickets, with a prize going to the family that sells the most! Nicole Woods is the chairperson of this one, and she does a great job getting the word out to all in our community. Let her know if you’d like to help her or if you know of any ways we can sell even more tickets.

June - Installation Mass – The new HSA officers that have been elected for the upcoming school year are officially welcomed at this mass and Jackie Kotas has organized the script and flowers for them beautifully for a few years now. Field Day – Jesi DeRoller, Tara Dersam and the HSA will be joining forces this year to create/split committees for this giant event! So much goes into creating this super fun day where the kids get to relax and blow off the steam after a challenging school year and exams. So many volunteers are needed to plan and then that day for setup, to help the games and food run smoothly and then to clean up afterward. Let us know if you’d like to help – it’s a great way to volunteer AND spend time with your kids!

July - Lawn Fete – A GIGANTIC undertaking by Mary Nuwer and her husband Eugene every summer that benefits the school in a big part. So many hands are needed for this event and HSA always promises to pledge as many of our parents as we can at this summer event. Please consider this event when thinking about ways to volunteer – it would make a huge difference to our school!

Family Movie Night – Every year, HSA hosts a Movie Night for families to come and enjoy watching a movie and eating popcorn! The date is TBA, but we’d still love to find a chairperson! Thoughts included a Retro 80’s night or incorporating it with one of the Alumni’s Soup Suppers. We’d love your ideas! 

Spirit and Pride Sales – All of the cute and comfy and cool merchandise that displays our school logos. Any sales benefit our school and we’re always looking for ways to amp up our exposure here. Mary O’Grady coordinates the sale of Panther Pride merchandise! This is in the process of changing… becoming an online store! We will keep you updated as this develops. 


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