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Making Your Decision

We know that Catholic Education is an investment in your child's future and we want you to know all of the reasons that we think it's a fantastic choice! You have questions, we have answers... and there are many ways to learn about all we have to offer.

School Tours and Shadow Days are available upon request at any time through the year. Interested families are asked to call the School Office at 937-9483 to set up an appointment. Please call us so that we may connect you with other parents that are proud to say, "We Chose St. John's!"

A great summary page from the Diocese of Buffalo on "Why Catholic Schools?"

"What is your daily school schedule for each grade level?"

  • Pre-K 3 meets two times a week on Tuesday and Thursday from 9 am - 12 noon.
  • Pre-K 4 meets five times a week, 8 am - 2 pm.
  • Kindergarten through 8th grade is five full days per week, 8 am - 2 pm.

"What else do you have to offer?" Take a look at the flyer below to see just some of the competitive and alternative programs we are able to offer at our school: